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Just returned from a two-hour meeting with adultwork Phyllis, a lady of 73 years I've been screwed by a few weeks. Usually, a threesome with her ​​friend Irene, who for 6 months or so I was doomed to failure, but Irene had around his daughter today, so I had to settle for Phylis little on their own. I went to his house that morning, she was very excited. I called adultwork yesterday and organize while I was sitting playing with my cock was as she told me she wanted to do with me. When I got there Phylis adultwork was for me, she adultwork was only a robe once I was on him to prove he had no bra, a pair of tiny red panties, which recently bought + keep a couple of puffs of color red stockings. She looked fantastic, I also know they have had to trim their pubic hair because it was contained mainly in red lingerie. We started kissing I had my hands on her beautiful little tits then down over her ass. Although quite small, the pAnties were so tight they cut into the cheeks of her butt, which gave adultwork her ass a nice feeling. You could feel how hard he told me also say that Irene would be so disappointed that were lost in this session. She wanted me to bed, he immediately went into the bedroom on the bed, she had underwear. She gave me a very large pair of blue panties told me to use them. So he took off, as I said. Phyllis then went to town on my cock through blue lingerie, masturbate me, kissed me, and bite the tail. I began to wet her panties with my cum before she escaped further. She said that the sperm in adultwork her underwear when pickled keep under your pillow would. After a few minutes I exploded in her underwear Phylis longer do anything, just to see my cock in her panties my semen seeping through the polyester. When I finished, she stepped aside told me it was her. As she leaned back in hisBed I started kissing her breasts sucking rubbing her pussy through her ​​panties. Phylis uses a 34B bra to her breasts are not as Irene, but her nipples are covered pleasant most of the end of her breasts. Also in contrast to the construction of Irene received when stimulated, so you can kiss suck only to see the effect in this lovely granny. Suck her tits as I began to fall a couple of fingers into her pussy, again in contrast to what Irene. Irene is not very humid, which I do, unless he first peed. Phylis but not quite wet, juicy, not my wife or my MIL Joan, but not enough to make it too uncomfortable for them. As I touched her, she gasped with excitement, she took my flaccid penis bent down and pressed firmly as my fingers moved faster on it. She told me to take my penis in their mouths, so I pulled myself that my flaccid penis fall on your face. Then I finger as she took my cock in her mouth, so thatgrow slighly when I licked sucked. It is curious that women over a cock as thin as something hard, that my wife never made ​​love seems to be. The feeling was Phylis mouth on my semi- erect penis incredibly knelt there for a while his lips the language of work until I was hard again. As soon as I wanted it, so I pushed her panties at first told adultwork him how much I liked the new look. She had not shaved her pussy, but there were a couple of cut much of the Bush scissoors now wearing a beautiful black triangle / gray. She said she did the night before in the bathtub because she wanted me adultwork to be happy with the look of your new underwear. I left the socks that I eased slightly in the pussy Phylis ' took it for a good 5 minutes. At this point I realized I was still a little sore for them inside, so he knelt between her legs pulled me out masturbated until spunk in her. When I finished, I lay down beside her for awhile only hug, then I told him he had a surprise for them. I was shot down my laptop returned to the bedroom. Then, as they lay together in bed, I put a porn movie. It was the first time I had ever seen, loved it. The film had several 10-minute spaces, adultwork all with the more mature woman, but not as much as Phylis, especially for women 40 to the 50th slot was a lesbian, a film with two pairs of Phylis favorite roll 'was a a very fat lady 2 black boys. When the woman to give a man the other a adultwork blowjob fucked, Phylis began to masturbate, rubbing her breasts gently massage the outside of her pussy. As I watched, the screen was told that she was in the movie, even though he was still sore from my cock into her, obviously, she began to finger very difficult. She told me later that he had played with over the past few months since we started our sex sessions in the last 10 years, foundI really enjoy it, although she felt guilty after that yet. After the movie I had to pee, so I got up to go to the bathroom adultwork Phylis wanted me to adultwork join. So I am standing on the toilet Phylis ' for the first time a woman took my cock while I was going to urinate. From my urine came out of me, Phyllis stroked her hand gently on my cock interupting the flow, and to put your adultwork finger on the tip of the tail at the time. It was a wonderful experience was when I told him that people wanted to know on this page to see if they had urinated on me, though. Irene your love that I have about our experiences here, I promised to adultwork bring them to my house, so they can read what I put on my PC have written. Phylis said that if it was what I wanted, but had a bath later. Sun Phylis then on her dresser in seconds squarted derived his golden piss from her pussy and then the front half of my belly bar moved pee. My penis was not upright, but stGood thing the juice rubbed my dick on my balls. Finally got my favorite part, but let me lick adultwork her pussy was wet. He stood over me that I licked my tongue deep into her pussy lips around it until the last bit of urine to get her. He was swimming the next time you spent a good half hour in the bath together before returning home had to do some work. They wanted me to be the laptop with the film, but could not the woman asked what I had done to him, but promised to buy a cheap DVD player, a system that until next week so you can see some movies I can more to join Irene. Phylis left me with a long kiss a promise that tonight she is masturbating on the bed, curled up next to the blue panties spunk go I can not wait until next time!
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